Individual, memorable and not a USB stick in sight.

This time it's personal.

From milestone moments to supportive surprises, we know how to make your team feel special. Every aspect of the box can be customised to show you truly understand and care about your employees. 

And that's important....

Feeling underappreciated is the reason that 79% of employees quit their jobs. With employers losing around 16% of their graduate workforce within the first two years  – yikes!

Think outside the box.

Laser engraved pens are good for adding to your pile of laser engraved pens, but not for making a meaningful impact. 

Some of our happy customers

What a delight it was to receive a gift box from Wonder & Awe. The contents were beautifully put together by a company that cares for their customers. The coordinated details of the different items in the box makes the gift and the receiver so special.


Something different! When you stuck for ideas these boxes are perfect!Good range of items. Fast reliable delivery.


I cannot recommend this company highly enough. It was lovely to be able to send a thoughtful gift through the post and know that it was treated with the same care and attention as I would have given it if I had delivered it myself.


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