Actually, I Can Mug • Wonder & Awe

Actually, I Can Mug • Wonder & Awe

You can! Specially designed by us, it’s the perfect device for your current beverage of choice plus some daily encouragement. We have a lot of mugs in our collection and there's a reason why. Mugs are one thing you can never have too many cheeky, cheery, and most importantly always useful.

Product details

  • Capacity: 11oz
  • Material:  Ceramic
  • Dimensions : H 90 x D 80 mm



Wonder & Awe is a retail tech company and we began to bring you things you’d both want and need. We ensure that everything through your door is useful and brings joy and definitely won't end up on your trinket shelf. We create items to help mark special occasions and make an ordinary day a little extra-ordinary when you aren’t able to be there in person.

We love beautiful things, we love fun, we love people. Within certain sectors, we hire marginalized people which provides them a greater opportunity: particularly women at risk, low-income families, and autistic individuals. 

A portion of our sales goes to helping our sponsor children who come from areas of extreme poverty and are at high risk of neglect, abuse, and sexual exploitation. Sponsoring a child means they get weekly home visits from a care worker, and they get food, clothing, and education.

We're actively involved in their well-being by building relationships through letters, special gifts or birthday treats, and yearly updates on their progress.