Taylors of Harrogate Lazy Sunday Coffee Ground

A mellow, light roast with hints of milk chocolate and citrus coffee.

Enjoy the perfect cup of every Taylors coffee, roasted to a unique profile to bring the best out of the bean, then ground straight into the bag to capture the freshest flavour. To experience this coffee at its best, use one dessert spoon of coffee per cup in a cafetière or filter. Originated from Latin America and Africa. Easy does it. This is the product of a slo-oo-ow roast, with gentle flavours to enjoy.

“Lazy” wouldn’t be a fair way of describing their search for high-quality arabica beans to create this blend. It involved a lot more than a quick bus ride from Harrogate. The process of making this coffee was unhurried, and that’s also the best way to drink it. With your cup in both hands, gaze calmly out of the window. And if it isn’t Sunday? Just pretend, for 15 gloriously idle minutes, that it is.